Best places to travel in US – where can I travel without a passport?

The United States of America is a vast and diverse country. It makes it difficult to decide whether its main attractions are the rich natural environment or the large and world-famous cities. Each state is different and each offers something unique worth seeing. The good news is that you can travel to all of them without a passport.

Where can I travel without a passport?

From the coast to the big cities, the United States offers so many places that it’s hard to decide which ones deserve to be called the best. So let’s consider the votes of thousands of travelers to pick a few of the best places to visit in the US.

Best Places to travel in the US

Whether you’re an avid hiker or a night-out enthusiast, there’s something for you in the US.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in the country but at the same time one of the most charming. Just take pictures of yourself in front of several famous locations – the Golden Gate, Pier 39, and of course, Chinatown and take your best memories with you.

National parks – best of US

Did you know that there are 63 national parks in the United States? That means there’s a lot to admire. Visiting any of them makes an excellent day trip. The most visited national park is the Grand Canyon which is known for its scenic beauty. Glacier National Park is home to amazing wildlife in the Rocky Mountains (northwestern Montana). A park that will captivate you with images of interestingly carved mountain valleys, and spectacular lakes among charming meadows. Be ready for over 700 miles of trails, including the famous Going-to-the-Sun Road, which is a treat for those adventurous in the wild.

But that’s not all. Zion National Park with its massive sandstone cliffs in several colors gives you a chance to learn about wildlife and rich history. Grand Teton National Park is an enchanted wonderland in the Rocky Mountains with its alpine landscapes not only for photographers.

If you need more visual experience and you love water, you can head to Acadia National Park and Mount Desert Island.

Places for a night out

The bustling cities of the United States are great places for people who love to go out at night. The offer is broad – from typical American bars, through elegant hotel lounges, to fashionable dance clubs where you can dance your shoes off. You must visit:

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is very often called the entertainment capital of the world. That’s because the city has plenty of clubs and other entertainment venues.

New York, New York

If you’re ready to experience New York’s nightlife, be sure to spend the night at the dance clubs or let yourself laugh at one of the comedy shows. Or maybe you prefer to go to a small eatery in the Big Apple? Here you will find it all. And of course, when in New York, going to a Broadway musical is a must.

Miami, Florida

Miami’s nightlife is legendary, so make sure you bring comfortable dancing shoes when visiting. Miami’s nightlife is famous in large part for its South Beach scene, which attracts partygoers seven nights a week.