Link Lovin` meme…

Ages ago Nay tagged me for this meme and I am only just getting around to passing it on!

Here are the rules:
1. Pick one of your favorite blogs leave a comment on their blog telling them about the meme, then write about how you found them, why you keep reading them, and what they blog about.
2. You pick a blog from their blogroll, YOU HAVE NEVER READ, give a small blurb about what you liked about their blog…. comment on the blog to let them know about the meme (if you have nothing nice to say PICK ANOTHER ok.. this is all about the love baby!)”

I thought about this a lot and I want to pass it onto two people whose blogs I love to read because I wanted to choose one blogger based in Japan and another based in Australia because while I started my blog in Japan I am now back in Australia for awhile and I want this link lovin` to cross over onto both countries!

Firstly, a Japan based blogger who I love to read is TJ in Japan – I am pretty sure I found T`s blog linked off perhaps Sara or Nay`s blog or perhaps in the comments of another blog I read. I am a fairly new reader to this blog since she only started blogging earlier this year. I started reading this blog around the same time  as Gaijin Wife`s blog. T is a fellow Aussie who blog about her family and life in Japan. Recently she was so kind and sent me translations of her wedding ceremony as she knew I was worried about what to do with our ceremony because there will be people there that do not speak or understand English very well! I do read a lot of Japan based blogs especially blogs belonging to other females with Japanese partners and this is, like I said, one of my favourites! T is coming back to Australia at Christmas time and I hope I get a chance to meet her then as she is from Brisbane too!

And now I am supposed to choose someone from her blogroll who I have never read except she doesn`t have a blog roll and all her recent comments are by people whose blogs I already read! So T if you are reading please link to someone in the comments section whose blog would be on your blogroll if you had one who I might not be reading!

Now, the Aussie blog I choose was also a tough choice! But in the end I decided to pass it over to Enny who I got to see last weekend when she was in town for Jen`s goodbye party! Enny came to Tokyo last year and that is when I got to meet her for the first time! It was awesome and she was very much like her blog! If that makes sense.

I found Enny`s blog through Jen`s blog which was one of my first non-Japan blogs that I read! hehe! Enny, who has recently just gotten engaged to her beau, writes about her everyday life and her family and what I love most about is that her obvious love for her family! She will be celebrating 600 posts soon so you should definitely pop over and give her some ideas for it and also congratulate her on her engagement! I was lucky enough to congratulate her in person last weekend!!!

Enny`s blogroll is quite long and contains a lot of blogs I don`t read so I did inni mini miny mo to choose one and I came up with Oh! How Lovely! ! I have never stumbled onto this blog before during my internet travels but it was a lovely find! Firstly her design is pink! I LOVE PINK so I am now in love! And the best thing about her is she is American which means this little meme will be going across three countries now (It may have already but I am not sure!)- So there you go! Australia, Japan & America. Perhaps she will pass it onto someone in another country! I am all for blogging in the name of international relations! I stumbled onto the about page and it says Jaime (blog owner`s name!) “Just a 20-something in Chicago trying to keep my head above water. Neurotic, over-thinking, shameless celebrity gossip addict, bad tv watching girl with expensive taste and no money but completely adorable, if I do say so myself.” – I will need to take the time to read more of this blog but her most recent post is about how your blog got it`s name so why don`t you head over and let her know how your blog name came about!!!